Saturday, January 2, 2016

End Of Year Retrospective

For friends who use the internet but not Facebook, here is an end-of-year photo retrospective intended to serve basically the function of a Christmas letter.

December 20, 2014 - One sweet little Hattie-cake fresh out of the oven.

She was an early smiler.

5 days old: best Christmas ever!


Tuckered out from Game Night the previous day.

Chinese Lantern Festival at the zoo.


Post-baptism fellowship hour

This was at about 6 months, when Hattie's horrendous acid reflux issue was at its worst. During this period, she could only nap when being held in an upright position. She would still wake up choking and crying, but could be lulled back to sleep by walking/rocking.

Father's Day

Enjoying a beautiful sunset/twilight walk around our beautiful apartment complex in Florida. Such walks were always one of Hattie's favorite activities and often the only thing that could keep her happy. Unfortunately, it was often too hot and/or stormy to be out during the day.

Hattie was just crazy about the ducks that lived in the ponds outside our apartment.

Another of Hattie's favorite activities: grocery shopping. There was a checker at this Publix who was just nuts about Hattie. "She's my favorite baby that comes in here!"

Hattie's hair takes after her Dad's.

Summer in Florida was not a good time for Hattie. We were stuck indoors a lot.

Last day of summer. Hooray!

First pair of shoes. Characteristic pose. I used to take Hattie into the church office with me and we'd hang out with the secretary and the treasurer, a delightful 80 year old gentleman who liked to sit back with his hands behind his head. Hattie would mirror his position. It was super duper cute. I wish I could have gotten a picture of them together.

The wonderful folks at Keystone's final worship service.

One last trip to the beach ...

One last trip to our local library ...

Our dear friend and one of Hattie's favorite people, over to help us with the move.

On the road! At a rest stop.

Tallahassee Auto Museum. (Costumes I ended up throwing together in the car on the drive there.)

Hattie in the French Quarter.

New Orleans again: reaching for Daddy's praline.

We stopped at a lot of grocery stores on the trip--both to eat cheaply and healthily and to make Hattie happy.

Halloween in Dallas.

Real dinosaur footprints in New Mexico. Incredible.

Largest model train store in the world (Denver).

"IT'S SNOWING!" (Cheyenne, WY)

Antique in the hotel lobby (Jackson, WY)

Butte, MT

Hattie was just charming the socks off people all the way across the country. This guy at a diner in Butte was particularly taken with her--she reminded him of his fourth(!) daughter (and he also has 3 sons!). Super sweet guy; bought us breakfast! 

Hattie visits Whitworth (where her parents met).


Thanksgiving - with turkey and stuffing.

Super excited ...

... about the Christmas tree!

We moved from one rainy locale to another ... This was during a period of flooding. Impressive volume at Snoqualmie Falls.

Hattie helps sell Christmas trees at the family farm.

December 20, 2015. Happy birthday! You've got lots of family around now, Hattie!