Monday, June 25, 2007

the Lost Blog Posts ...

So, I have not written a blog post in a long time. I have thought about blogging--I've had many ideas, but just never got around to writing. If only I'd had more time, I would have blogged about:

- our trip to New York City
- "Monster House": a surprisingly fun film
- the importance of understanding that churches (like the people who make them up) do all reflect God's glory, but poorly.
- the difficulty of envisioning significant ministry as an introvert, rather than an extrovert--and the fact that introverts don't have to become extroverted in order to minister to their neighbors.
- the sad fact that the American collective psyche seems in some ways to lack the idea of women as unique individuals.

There they are: ideas that might have made good posts--and that may yet someday make good posts--but for the fact that new things have come up and become more interesting to me and I will probably blog about them instead.

Friday, June 8, 2007

The Suicide Months

I'm pretty sure May and June are the months (in the northern hemisphere) with the highest suicide rates. Most people think suicides peak in winter, but THEY ARE WRONG. In fact, it's because of PROBABLY THE SAME REASON that people commit suicide, kind of, kind of the same, THAT I AM WRITING IN ALL CAPS, because I get kind of loony in June.

Increased warmth and sunlight fill the body with restless energy. In a person like me who is not depressed this only results in being spastic and wanting to bounce off the walls and do thousands of things at once and not being able to sleep. But someone experiencing deep emotional problems, who hates life and in the winter was able to escape from reality by sleeping all day, now is forced to stay wide awake and alert to their own miserable condition, not interested in doing anything but also filled with energy and wanting to burst into millions of pieces which can't happen very well, so maybe just kill themself instead.

Anyway, there are too many thoughts in my head to write down tonight. Maybe I will write more.