Saturday, May 31, 2008

the brain is smarter than the self(?)!

Back when I was applying to colleges, I took the ACT as well as the SAT. The last section is on, like, "Science and Technology" or something, and has you interpret graphs and tables of statistics and things like that. By the time I reached that section, I was so tired, my conscious mind just sort of shut down. I looked at the questions, and without engaging in rational thought, intuitively picked answers. When I got the test results back, I was surprised to find I'd only missed, I think, two of the questions and had scored in, like, the 90th percentile for that section, or something.

M. Scott Peck talked about the mysterious workings of the unconscious mind as divine grace. I think perhaps that's what's been happening over the past few days.

I'm not great at planning ahead, and I forget how quickly deadlines approach. Over the last few days I've had the most wretched time trying to get to sleep. I've been very tired, but still filled with nervous energy. It's as if my brain realized before I did that it would be fatal (from an academic standpoint) if I wasted 8 hrs. sleeping every night. So it brought out the hidden reserves and bade me burn the midnight oil.

If this had not happened, I would be so very, very far behind right now! We're leaving for Brandon's sister's wedding on Thursday and by that time I have to ... well, I have to do a lot. Not as much as my friend Miranda in her final days of seminary, but, a lot.

Anyway, I should go and work on one of those two 10-15 page research papers ...


Miranda said...

way to burn that oil. I wish I had it in me, and now I'm very happy that I don't have to.

jenzai studio said...

yes girl, get those papers written! Selfishly I want your attention all to myself on Wednesday.

I've been burning the midnight oil lately, too, but that's because every time I lay down my mouth fills with the half-digested contents of my stomach, making me cough and gag. Lovely, huh? Ah, the joys of pregnancy. and to think there's only three more months to go.

Now stop reading your blog comments and get back to work you lazy bum!

whitethoughts said...

And just think . . . When you are done with this step, it just gets busier!

But maybe more grace is given, too?

I feel like I live pretty much in the zone you are describing, so I want to say "Welcome", but I don't want to sound patronizing. If you don't feel patronized, then accept the welcome, and enjoy the blessed and well-earned rest when it comes.

Congratulations on getting done!

Patrick Lewis said...

Just think, those 10-15 page papers are really just 5-7 page papers double-spaced!