Saturday, September 20, 2008

Halloween Hanging Creature

I found this little guy (a "Halloween Hanging Creature," according to the tag) at the dollar store the other day. It just makes me so happy--every time I look at it, I can't help but laugh.
So, I thought I'd give Brandon a fun surprise by letting him find it hanging from the shower head one morning. But alas! He said it was creepy. And he gave the most outlandish reason for saying so: it looks like the monsters from Mercer Mayer's There's a Nightmare in My Closet. Ironically, Brandon as a child was deeply disturbed by the monsters in that book. Go figure!
If I can get the "poll" feature working on this blog (I had trouble with it before) perhaps I'll find out how many of my blog readers think the thing is horrible or hilarious. Or I suppose you can just leave a comment saying what you think.


jenzai studio said...

Hilarious! and fabulous!

at the dollar store, really? what a find!

Miranda said...

I think it's kind of cute.

juleejc said...

I think he's nearly adorable, and this from a woman who hates bats. He reminds me of a cathedral gargoyle. If you read this, Jenny and Kelli, do you remember the time you put a rubbery bat on the windshield? while I was in the store and then waited in vain for me to notice it?