Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Brandon's Conversion

The Christmas Carol movie with Patrick Stewart has filled Brandon (once a near-Scrooge himself, a lover only of melancholy, morbid and minor-keyed Christmas music, and a vocal advocate of "Bah-Humbug Day"), yes has filled Brandon with Christmas cheer! It's a great movie--definitely worth adding to your Christmas movie collection if you have not done so already.


Miranda said...

He should see the Muppet version too. It's probably my all time favorite Christmas movie.

Nancy said...

I remember watching that simply for Patrick Stewart. I stalk him from my Star Trek days. :D I don't remember anything special about that version though. :/

Virgie P. said...

Oh, we just thought Patrick Stewart was a really fun Scrooge--but then, the only other versions of A Christmas Carol either Brandon or I has seen is the Mickey Mouse one, and, just last weekend, the Muppet one. Michael Caine (in the Muppet Christmas Carol) was also a fun Scrooge--maybe Scrooge is just an appealing character no matter who plays him.