Friday, March 27, 2009

A Prophecy Fulfilled?

Back in my teenage years, my family went on a roadtrip to Bryce Canyon in Utah. I believe it was on this trip that we actually went horseback riding (something that still amazes me, considering how little money my family had in those days). One of the guides struck up a conversation with me over the course of which I mentioned I wanted to study theology.

"Oh," he said. "That sounds like a difficult subject. I mean, wouldn't you have to learn about all kinds of different diseases?"

"Um, what?" I was confused.

"You know, like all the different diseases, that trees can get."

Ah. He thought I'd said "treeology." That I wanted to study "treeology."

Well. A few weeks ago, Brandon and I were discussing trees--Giant Redwoods and Giant Sequoias, to be precise--and I got out a little handbook on trees that I'd picked up who knows where and started reading it. And I discovered something: trees are fascinating. So now in my spare time I am studying "treeology."

I have to go now, but more on trees later! I promise! They're so interesting!

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Brandon said...

In order to make my complaint public, I'm going to comment on your blog about real trees. That tall palm plant ain't no kind of tree. It's got scales like a fish and fur like a...tarantula. Not really like a tarantula, but they both got fur, y'know? And don't try to tell me otherwise; I seen the stump of one. That stuff inside ain't wood!