Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wind Chimes

When I was a kid, walking to the public library, there was one house just down the street from us that had wind chimes hanging in their front balcony. I always looked forward to walking by that house.

Such a soothing sound—almost like birdsong or the chirp of a cricket—a simple object fashioned by human hands to capture the wild, gentle, calming, quickening sound of the wind.

I’ve been a grown up for quite some time now. And I have loved wind chimes for that entire period. For the past four years I’ve even lived in an apartment with a balcony. Wind chimes are not very expensive. And yet, I never bought them for myself. I never even thought to put them on my Christmas list.

Why settle on disappointment? Why forget the things that make us smile? Why resign ourselves to less than our hearts had secretly hoped to enjoy? Why let dreams fade and longings die away?

Fear will do that. It comes from being hurt. Yes, we all know what that’s like. But sometimes the resignation becomes a habit. Even after the wounds have healed and the fear subsided, still, the heart forgets. Like a bewildered flower, forgetting to strain toward the sunlight.

But I heard wind chimes the other day.

And I remembered.


nina said...

that is really sad, you should get yourself some. I have just blogged that making your own can be a great house warming or christmas present and it is true no-one buys them for themselves and everyone enjoys them. Sometimes people don't like the bigger bamboo ones cause in the high wind they can really be a noise but mostly people enjoy them. I would get your own set.


Virgie P. said...

Oh my gosh! Thank you for posting, Nina! What a great store! Especially the Green Owl, the Peacocks (green and purple) and the Peacock Circle wind chimes are so amazingly beautiful! I only wish shipping to the U.S. wouldn't be so expensive. :-P

I've thought about making wind chimes from driftwood and seashells, too, but not sure how to attach the string. Doesn't seem like glue would be strong enough.

Anyway, thanks for commenting!