Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Camera I've Always Wanted!!!!

Now that our household has two full-time incomes for the first time ever (hip hip hooray!) I finally bought myself the really nice camera I've been wanting for years. Yes, previously I'd made do with the photo function on my little HD camcorder, but it had no flash, no manual controls for setting the shutter speed and aperture and stuff like that, and most importantly, it can't take pictures of very small objects.

But take ... a look ... at ... THIS(!!!):

This was my test shot to see how the camera could do on very small objects. It captured all the beautiful tiny little wrinkles on the cashews!!! YES YES YES!!!

And here's our little 3-inch cactus (he's named Pafnuty, after the Russian Mathematician):


So ... expect to see more photos on this blog from now on ...


Remigius said...

Pafnuty, awesome! I love talking about him in Number Theory - really amazing work, given the time.

Belle said...

Lovely photos Virgie!