Monday, July 28, 2014

Celebrating Today

On rare occasions I have had the blessing of being nudged, shoved, or tumbled headlong into a new way of being, such that it feels as if I've only just begun "really living." Recently I've had a not-dramatic kind of learning experience, just gradually wandering into a state of greater enjoyment of everyday life. I used to like to sign off emails "Happy Ordinary Day!" Now I'm sort of saying it to myself inside all the time (though not literally).

Here are some ordinary things I saw and noticed how beautiful they were:

Soft, verdant moss and a sprightly weed in a concrete frame with obscure abstract symbolism!

Flowers like fireworks caught in mid-explosion, steadily and quietly displaying their brilliant color-burst for the mostly oblivious passersby 

A cascade of wild green curves!

An insect of elegant symmetry who appears to have died peacefully, in a zen-like position on the sidewalk.
Hope you're having a happy Ordinary Day, too! Now it's time for a walk without the camera. (-:

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