Friday, March 9, 2007

comfort from a strange source

So, I've been reading the blog of Fuller's president, Richard Mouw. I am impressed by his thoughtful (=careful, clear headed, sober) and loving way of taking on pop culture and trying to see through the eyes of Christ. But recently I started getting an alarming vibe--something telling me that even though he's a reasonable fellow, he might be coming from a more conservative standpoint than I'd expected.

"Brandon! This is terrible!" I shared my growing sense of panic. I do *not* want to drive all the freakin' way across the country *again*, only to find the seminary is, *again* so conservative I can't respect my professors' understanding of the Old Testament. But, Brandon reassured me, the president of Fuller is only an administrator. I don't know if he teaches classes, too, or not, but it seems true at Whitworth, and is certain at San Francisco Theological Seminary, that the president is more conservative than the profs. So, I went online and found this article:

And I felt *much* better about my choice of school. (-:

It's an article by a fundamentalist who is *way* out there--like, at certain points in the article not even making sense in his/her article about how Fuller is a hotbed of liberal apostacy. He or she sounds like the kind of person that, if he/she hadn't found religion, probably would be talking about how fluoridation of public drinking water is a government conspiracy.

Incidentally, one of my profs. in community college thought that about fluoridation. Brandon, being a Dr. Strangelove fan, particularly appreciated that small factoid.


Miranda said...

No matter where you go, at least among mainline seminaries, you'll find both ends of the spectrum. It just depends on what kind of conservatism/liberalism is just too much. Fuller seems like a pretty level-headed place over-all. And there's always Princeton ;)

Bianca said...

Every article should include the heading, 'MISCELLANEOUS FACTS'.

Stephanie said...

Jon has been looking at Union Seminary in NYC. It's definitely of a more liberal bent I think.