Thursday, March 1, 2007


I got my acceptance letter from Fuller today! Yay! I would have thought they'd've joined the 21st century by now and sent me an email. Oh well.

I'm excited, but at the same time ... I was just reading a blog of a Fuller student--about some book he's reading for a class--and he was reflecting on the relationship between the Church and the World, and mentioned Niehbur. We went over Niehbur's ideas about "Christ and Culture" in Core 350 at Whitworth. I kind of remember it. But it certainly wasn't life-changing.

It kind of worries me, because I feel like the sorts of theological subjects they teach in seminary can't be "crammed." I would imagine they have to be learned slowly, through practice and experience.

Then again, I probably didn't get much out of the Core 350 class because it was Core. Horrible, horrible Core which everyone has to take, so the classes are huge and the teaching style is mechanized. Ugh. Presumably, that type of experience will not be repeated, now that I'm studying at a graduate level.


Miranda said...

Congratulations on Fuller!
Unfortunately, there is still cramming, even in seminary, or at least last-minute frantic paper writing. And niebuhr's book has actually come in handy (too bad I didn't read it when I was supposed to in Core, stupid Core 350). The bright side is if you get out of all the intro classes you can start focusing right away, so you can spend more time focused on narrower topics. Like my whole grade for a class last semester was based on a paper and presentation on the impact of Communism on decreased religious affiliation in the DDR. It was pretty sweet.

Bianca said...

Congratulations Virgie!

I just found your blog...mwahaha...

(It's all Miranda's fault!)