Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Does This Ever Happen To You?

So, I was about to send a quick little email to Brandon with an inside joke in it, and I thought, as I always do before sending an email "I'd better make sure I'm sending it to the right person." So I looked at the name, and it was correct, but I was doubtful for a moment. "Wait a minute--is that really my husband's name? Is there really such a person? And even if that person really exists, am I really related to him in the way I think I am?" What if my life turns into an episode of the Twilight Zone and all of a sudden the people who mean most to me become mere acquaintances and are all confused that I'm speaking so familiarly to them?

When I was a kid I used to wonder whether perhaps everyone I had ever met was a robot, or a hologram, and I was just the subject of an experiment to see whether a human raised by robots would grow up normally. Or maybe I was a robot myself, the subject of an experiment to see if a robot raised as a human would be the same as a human. If that were the case, how would I ever find out?

Does anyone else occasionally wonder if perhaps the basic fabric of life is about to be torn apart?


Denguin said...

LOL, Virgie. This exact thing hasn't happened to me, but I did have a different sort of panic playout while emailing once. I was looking at my address book too and I was just suddenly confused by all the letters and characters. It was like I suddenly forgot how to read for 3 minutes or so. It looked all foreign and strange. Then I started thinking without a language which was bizarre. It was just emotions and instinct. I can't believe I forgot all about this experience until I read this blog. Thanks for the memories:P <3

jenzai studio said...

No, this kind of thing never happens to me (she tries to write with a straight face).