Friday, October 3, 2008

Oh No! Not Again!

This past Sunday, we were driving home from Solvang, CA (which is a couple hours northwest of L.A.) and had reached Ventura (still at least an hour from home). We were cruising along on the 101, in the fast lane, and Brandon stepped on the brakes. I looked up and saw that traffic had slowed way down up ahead--wow! Traffic was really, really slow--no, actually, just the cars in our lane. Brandon slammed on the brakes, but (it seemed) the car in front of us was stopped, and we weren't decelerating rapidly enough. There was plenty of time to realize that (and, of course, to exclaim "OH MY GOD!") before we crashed into the silver SUV in front of us.

No one was injured, but both our cars were totalled. Why did the guy in front of us stop so fast? Because the guy in front of him had done the same thing. Why? We will never know, because his car was not hit and he drove away without telling us.

For me, the worst thing about the incident was that it took so very long to get home. It took over an hour just to get the cars off the freeway. Once they'd been towed to a yard, the towing guys called a cab to take us to the Amtrak station--said it would be 15-20 mins. The cab finally showed up about an hour later. And then, of course, the Amtrak train was 45 mins. late, and when we arrived in L.A., we had to take the light rail to Pasadena, and walk the remaining five blocks carrying a lot of heavy stuff. The accident happened about 4:15pm, and we didn't get home until about 11:30pm. It was an utterly miserable end to an otherwise wonderful three-day weekend.

Goodbye, old friend.


Denguin said...

Sorry to hear about that. Did the guy in front of you get mad at you? Hope they don't try any funny business. Did they have children in the car? This reminds me of the accident we had that totaled our old Saturn. We were coming back from church too when we didn't get to stop in time and crashed into the car in front of us. It was a downward slow and raining so we didn't see that they were stopped..tehy were also in teh carpool lane, so yeah.. turns out the guy in front of the guy we hit had stopped completely to so that they could leave teh carpool lane(illegal) and they also drove off without assisting us.

I hope this hasn't traumatized you from driving all together. Hope you guys are okay other than this. You can always visit here to get a dad's going to get a job for Toyota soon so yeah;).. He used to work for Saturn, but left. *sorry for the needless plug*

Nancy said...

You poor things! Oh goodness! Let me know if you need a ride anyplace. I don't have much to do these days plus I'm pretty close by.

jenzai studio said...

You two crazy kids! I just knew your crazy lifestyle of fast cars and liquor would catch up with you. (wink)

All joking aside, I think it has something to do with the fact that you were in Solvang. No, no - I'm serious! That place is bad news man. Or maybe it's the road to Solvang that is cursed, as that's where all the bad things happen.

I'm SO glad that the two of you weren't injured. I know you're going to miss that little scrap of metal you called a car but honestly it gave me the willies to think of you driving around the big city in it. I'm sure it wouldn't have bothered me when I was young myself, but now that I'm an old fuddy duddy it seemed downright unsafe! I'll be keeping you guys in my prayers and envisioning you with safe transportation. Love to you both!