Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Kind of Miss That Sore Throat ...

Earlier this month I had a most wretched sore throat which lasted about a week. It made my voice sound all "scratchy" and hoarse. I realized toward the end of my illness what a pleasant surprise it had been when I opened my mouth and out came, not my regular voice, which I dislike, but the distorted version, which I did like(!).

Most people don't like hearing themselves on tape recorder--and I don't either--it makes me want to run, screaming, from the room. But I also don't like the sound of my voice in my own head. This is at least part of why I speak so softly, and so seldom.

Do other people actually, as the saying goes, enjoy the sound of their own voice? How fortunate that must be!

If only I could somehow make myself sound hoarse all the time ... hmmmm ...

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