Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Blogroll

So, I finally changed the blogroll at the side of this page to be all fancy and show how recently the people on there have posted, and the title of their last post. I resisted doing so for a long time, and for a most irrational reason. You see, I have this anti-technological streak. It makes me want to do things the difficult, inefficient old-fashioned way.

I revolt against advances in technology for a couple reasons. First, it makes everything so complicated. And I just want everything to be simple.

And second, I don't like being dependent on technology. Technology does not seem especially trustworthy to me. And this is where the irrationality comes in. Because of course, technology is usually highly trustworthy. Just not every once in a while. Every once in a while, computers disobey my commands, networks go out of order, machines break down. And it makes me crazy, because as machines, they're supposed to be perfect! Not like the fallible humans who created them.

Anyway, I also added a link to the blog of the president of Fuller Seminary, Dr. Richard Mouw. It is pronounced "Mao," and President Mouw is pretty much a totalitarian dictator over the seminary. Okay, not really. But I like to pretend he is.

[Fifteen mintues later]

GOOD GRIEF! You see?! I knew this would happen. AUGH! So, for some bizarre reason, the new blog list thing doesn't work for Brandon's blog. WHAT IN THE HECK IN THE WORLD?! It works fine for all the other blogs. But for some inscrutable reason ... Argh. You see? This is why we know beyond a shadow of doubt that computers are of the devil. And Google, Inc., as the ruler of computer world, is therefore none other than Satan himself.


Joshua said...

Virgie, I think that Brandon's blog's link is wrong. Change it to to make all your problems go away.

Virgie P. said...

Ha ha, I'm not *that* technologically inept. I put Brandon's blog's address into the thing correctly (exactly as you said--I also tried it with the www., but that didn't work, either)--blogger itself adds "/feeds/posts/default" to the end of what I put in.