Saturday, June 20, 2009

Our Dinosaur Friends(!!!)

Someone posted on the internet files of songs from the first side of the album Our Dinosaur Friends: For the Early Years by Pat Johnson, Wayne Parker and Eric Miller. Here it is! :-D

Unfortunately, it does not have the two tracks I really want to get a hold of: "Woolly Mammoth" and "Quetzalcoatlus." I think those are actually on a different album--Our Dinosaur Friends: For the Intermediate Years. Oh well. The search continues.

I found (at least some of) the lyrics to "Quetzalcoatlus" here. That's almost as good as a recording of it.

from Our Dinosaur Friends: For the Intermediate Years.

Verse 1:
Are you a bird?
Take one more guess.
A reptile, perhaps?
Yes, I confess.
But can you fly?
Yes, glide and fly
But no feathered friend,
no feathered friend am I

Greatest of all flying reptiles
We used to be kings of the air
now there are no more of us
Now, alas, we are gone.

Verse 2:
Do you have wings?
Of course I do.
How many wings?
Well, only two.
And are they big?
15 meters wide
and they have claws on them,
yes they have claws on them besides.

[Chorus, then intstrumental interlude, then ... ?]


pd said...

please I need the intermediate years...someone hel me up

Ged Crimsonclaw said...

Found this - 7 years later, but maybe still looking: