Monday, January 13, 2014

World's Largest Entertainment McDonald's

We finally made our pilgrimage to the World's Largest Entertainment McDonald's (located in Orlando). It was ... well .. let me show you ...

As I understand it, an "entertainment McDonald's" is a McDonald's that contains an arcade. And the World's Largest Entertainment McDonald's also has a "gourmet bistro" with special menu items not available at a normal McDonald's.

While you wait in line to order, you can look into these glass cases that display plastic incarnations of the novel offerings.

(The "play food" looked even more unappetizing in real life than in these photos.)

After ordering, we waited about 20 mins to pick up our food. Luckily, the ordinary large fries we ordered was given to us immediately, so we didn't starve. But the fries were old and stale. The only sense in which I can say it was worth the wait for the unusual food items is that we then knew what the food was like (and no longer had any reason to order there again.)

The Reuben looked better than it tasted.

Brandon got some kind of patty melt. It was also kind of gross.

We probably should have tried the pizza. It looked okay.

Brandon was surprised I knew the name of this old mascot: Mac Tonight.
(Sadly, he doesn't actually make music or anything--just a statue.)

The second floor of the building is an arcade.

It has some interesting decorations.

I was tempted buy the Fry Kids wall clock in the gift shop, but I somehow managed to resist.

To fully appreciate the place, I think you'll have to witness it in person.

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