Monday, February 3, 2014

Rest In Peace, Philip Seymour Hoffman

When Brandon told me last night, I was ... well ... shocked. I guess you could say "of course," but I've never been so affected by the death of a celebrity. It's not just that I'm sad I won't get to see him in more movies (which is very sad, indeed). Before yesterday, if his name had come up, I would have said that he was a phenomenal actor, which is true. But I didn't realize until I heard he'd died what a unique and powerful presence he had. His performances spoke so directly to the heart. (Being habitually cynical/suspicious about emotional ways of "knowing," I doubt myself even as I write this, but I tell you, I don't think I would be so grieved if Hoffman hadn't communicated something especially "real" through his movies--more so even than other great practitioners of his craft.)

Rest in peace, Philip Seymour Hoffman. Your loss is felt.

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