Friday, February 2, 2007

Oh no! I don't have anything interesting to say ...

So why am I writing in my blog? I now feel as if it is my duty to write regularly in my blog, even though no one is reading it. And even though I have nothing interesting to say. Nothing to say at all, in fact. I just want to waste my time, and waste yours, too.

Do I use too many commas? I definitely used too many commas earlier in life. I used them even when it was not just stylistically, but grammatically inappropriate.

A little bit before Thanksgiving last year, we were having a hard time not prematurely singing Christmas songs in anticipation of that glorious season. So we sat down together one night, (an unspecified "we" refers to me and Brandon) Brandon with his guitar, me typing up the lyrics on the computadora, and we wrote and improvised some real doozies. I wish there'd been a tape recording going. I'm going to come back after putting dinner into the oven and write some more fond memories, I think.

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david stuart said...

Dear Virgie,

Did you get my original note? I'm so glad to read that you're considering attending Fuller -- and I celebrate your call to ministry! I look forward to hearing more about that as your journey unfolds.

Love and prayers,