Monday, February 26, 2007


When my siblings and I were small, we came into possession of a tape some old person had recorded which was simply labeled "Movin.'" It turned out to be fabulous totally 60s instrumental music.

One day, I told Brandon about this music, and sadly admitted I'd probably never find out what it was, and might never hear it again. But I went on the internet to find out if I could discover the artist. It was a difficult task, but I did find a reference somewhere to an LP of instrumental music created specifically to use with children for interpretive movement and dance. It was copyrighted 1963 and there was a cassette tape of it at one branch of my public library's system. I requested it.

And it was the right one! Yippee! I love happy endings. It really is just titled Movin' and the artist is Hap Palmer. Someday, when I have kids, I'll have to find my own copy.

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BenjyWay said...

Wow, that tape left a lasting impression on us. I have also searched online for it, but I didn't come up with anything.

Now that I know the artist, I suppose it won't be hard to find, though I doubt it will include the "Porky, Porky, Porky; Porky, Porky, Porky!" that our particular cassette had.

I still remember a lot of it fairly clearly. Well, I guess now I'll have one reason to visit you when you have kids of your own.